Our sponsors: Il Circolo

il circolo

“Il Circolo Italian Cultural Association (Il Circolo) is a UK registered charity based in London with the primary aim of promoting love and understanding of Italian culture in this country. We have created and continue to maintain a network of members who share our common interest.

We organise fundraising events throughout the year to finance selected projects and support our charitable objects.
The most important of these events is the well known Christmas Bazaar.

Il Circolo was founded in 1995. Over a period of 20 years, we have granted more than 200 scholarships and we have supported the Italian chair at Somerville College, Oxford.

In recent years we have financed important research projects, like, for example:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases by Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini, Cambridge University
  • Autoimmune diseases by Professor Pitzalis, Queen Mary University, London
  • Restoration project at the Italian Cultural Institute and tutoring restoration project at the Italian Embassy.
  • Exhibition Destruction/Reconstruction of the 2016 Earthquake in Central Italy
  • Sponsoring Italy Made Me Awards, promoted by the Italian Embassy.

Il Circolo is a UK-registered charity based in London. It fulfils an important role by creating a network of members of Italian nationality or with links to Italy, who share similar interests and wish to take part in the society’s programme of activities.
During the years a number of events are organised with the primary aim of promoting Italian culture and research in this country.”

Source: website of Il Circolo